WHITEPAPER: New-to-Brand Patient Challenges: What's the Rx?

A look at market drivers and opportunities for new patient starts

First fill abandonment rates—which can be as high as 30%—create gaps in the desired treatment plan between patients and providers. Clearly, there is a huge opportunity to improve the new-to-brand experience and potentially improve outcomes over the long term.

Based on fresh market research from our own provider communities as well as industry data, our new whitepaper takes a look at the opportunities that life sciences companies have to address common new-to-brand patient challenges while building positive brand awareness.


Understand the market dynamics contributing to new-to-brand engagement strategies

Uncover opportunities to remove the barriers to new prescription trial through a combination of technology integration, improved supply chain management, and timely, relevant patient support

Learn how patient and provider engagement can be leveraged to address new-to-brand challenges


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